For The Indecisive

The electronic cigarette industry has grown in popularity, making choosing the best e-cig a difficult decision. All devices have their advantages and disadvantages, and as a novice user, it’s especially difficult to choose. After many evaluations, here’s an electronic cigarette review to help determine which best fits your wants and needs.

Should You Buy A Starter Kit?

One of the advantages of buying a starter kit is you take the hassle and guesswork out of what’s needed. A starter kit allows you to start vaping immediately. Basic kits start you out with the basics: a battery, atomizer, wall charger, and a few nicotine cartridges.

The kit the packs come in is also easy to set up. How it works is a cartridge is screwed into the battery and the user is ready to take a puff. That’s all. The vapor in each cartridge lasts for approximately 100- 250 puffs; depending upon which type e-cigarette is purchased. Each cartridge is filled with different nicotine strengths. Varying strengths come in high, medium, low and zero. Users can also get the nicotine cartridges in different flavors

Some starter kits give you the option of choosing between standard and premium. Typically, premium kits include everything in the standard plus a car charger, an additional re-chargeable battery, and a carrying case.

Which Is The Best E-Cig?

Now before you go rushing off to buy that best quality e-cig you should know that even with an electronic cigarette review in hand, you should know everything about the product, and why the “best” is up to personal taste.

You have disposable e-cigs and mini e-cigs and those with 2 pieces or multiple compartments. Then you have the filters, the atomizers, the flavors and let’s not forget the various diluted nicotine solutions. That’s what you really want to focus on, especially if you’re a heavy smoking addict. Heavy smokers should focus on the quality and density of the nicotine. Also, most people ignore the battery usage, because this will determine how many puffs you get throughout the day.

1. Joytech: It’s 19 mm in diameter and a little less than 12 cm in length, Joyetech Ego AIO fits easily in the pocket, has a nice sleek shape and it even has the ability to illuminate. It comes in seven different colors, it’s lightweight, and it’s simple. One button is used to toggle on, off, and start vaping. The other selling point is it has an airflow ring that allows you to vary the air circulation when you inhale steam. Close off the air to produce less steam, like the feeling of a conventional cigarette, or allow more air to flow in to produce slightly more steam. The tank is see-through so you can determine the amount of e-liquid left.

When the little light starts blinking it is time to recharge your battery. It has a capacity of 1500 mAh which gives you a little less than a day to vape.

Joytech also has a starter kit – the eGo AIO. This device is small, durable, and comes in an all-in-one kit.

2. Aspire Nautilus: the battery body is enclosed in a thin carbon fiber layer, and the connectors to the tank are made entirely of stainless steel. The tank itself is made of Pyrex glass, and suitable for accommodating a large variety of liquids, whether fruit or menthol. This exclusive mix of materials has made an attractive and premium product. The Aspire Nautilus is also equipped with the airflow control system that allows the individual to adjust the draw of vaper.

Besides the visual advantages of glass tanks, they are also easy to clean. Overall, reviews give this e-cigarette 5 out of 5 stars.

3. NJOY: one of the first electronic cigarettes to hit the market and today it’s still one of the popular choices. King NJOY receives rave reviews because of the size, life-like appearance and it’s lightweight. It’s also disposable. It’s also well liked for its affordable pricing, and at first glance, people notice the close likeness to a real cigarette.

Narrowing Down Your Choices

There are many opinions about the best quality e-cigarettes. Every brand has their followers. Some say one particular brand matches perfectly for menthol cigarettes, others say the tobacco flavored nicotine provides that dead-on rush when it hits your throat. So it’s really hard to nail down which is the best quality.

It’s sort of like borrowing a traditional cigarette from someone that isn’t your brand and isn’t even close to your brand. It will taste different and probably won’t satisfy you. Same story with the electronic cigarettes; you have to find your unique brand that will satisfy you. The best advice is, to begin with disposable brands or starter kits so you don’t waste your money.